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April 28 2017

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- Here’s the promo video, btw:

- Blink-182 dropped out the first day of the festival bc they saw how much of a mess it was

- Some more gems:


(video link)


I literally can’t stop laughing at this mess. You can google ‘Fyre Festival’ to see what else is up–this whole this is so hilarious and such a rich-kid flop. 



Is it bad that I don’t feel bad?

no lol this funny as shit but i hope they all learn a lesson instagram gon get y’all ass in trouble in another country with the runs from y’all tummy tea

Hooooly shit

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because, you know, bravest man he ever knew.

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When I find a bug and start Ctrl-Z all my recent changes

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ACPI ftw
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When I see a GoTo

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Examples of a mirage known as Fata Morgana. It’s believed that this optical illusion is what give birth to the myth of the Flying Dutchman 

Yo, this is creepy.

This happens to the road in some places around here too! Usually when it’s really hot out or if it’s rained recently. It trips me out every time I’m like I’ve been in the car too long……

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