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March 21 2017

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/tv/ on Darth Vader
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oh booooooooy
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the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen

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Jetzt mal ehrlich... Wer von euch war das???
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Tiny dirty stray kitten hanging out at the bottom of our stairs since yesterday. There are a lot of self-reliant ferals around our apartment, but this little thing was dirty & covered in burrs. We gave it some chicken but couldn’t catch it. I think it may have wandered over from the outdoor cat hoarder colony down the street; that house is awful & we saw kittens there last week.

This morning the downstairs neighbor managed to grab it for us, and I put it on this cozy towel & started combing and picking the burrs & sticks out of its fur. It calmed down immediately and has been chilling here with me in the kitchen ever since. Got a vet appointment in an hour to get my little buddy cleaned up & checked out. I hope it isn’t too sick; I think it might have a cold.

If we can, we are probably going to keep her.


What a difference a day makes! Took this little guy to the vet, got the fleas and dirt washed off him, got some antibiotics for a slight cold, but he is otherwise fine. Kneading and purring up a storm, eating a lot and being heart-crushingly adorable. 

We have named this glorious creature Nux.


A little over a month later and Nux is growing into a very long and floppy shoulder cat!

Oh my god!!!!

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Wenn du denkst, du kennst die Grammatik deiner Muttersprache und dich grausam verraten fühlst.

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--c3o on Twitter
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